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Be Determined to Turn the Tide

Eld. Prince Obiri-Mainoo Theme: Be Determined to Turn the Tide †Who was Samuel? He was born out of sorrow and out of pain. He was the son of Hannah. Hannah was being mocked and teased by her rivals. She would go before the Lord to pray. †One time when Hannah was pouring her heart out […]

The Lord is Thy Keeper

Ovr. Yaw Adade-Tabi Theme: The Lord is Thy Keeper The Hebrew word for keeper means to protect and preserve. In other words, a keeper can be considered our security person. The Lord is telling us today that He is our Keeper. When the Lord is your Keeper, you are more than a conqueror. You should […]

Christ The Perfect Gift

Eld. Francis Sarpong Theme: Christ The Perfect Gift Main Text: Gen 3:21, Is 7:14, Mt 1: 21-24, Deut 18:15, Acts 3:22-26, Eph 1:20-21 Gifts are free-will offerings, and people only give gifts to people that they care about. God cares so much for us that He gave us the perfect gift of Jesus Christ. God needed to […]

A Savior is Born

Ovr. Adade-Tabi Theme: “A Savior is born” Main Text: Luke 2:11; Isiah 7:14; God made us in his own image so that he could have a relationship with man. God made a plan, and when God makes a plan it WILL come to pass. His divine plan was to send us a savior to deliver […]

The Mystery of the Holy Communion

Eld. George Anim Theme: The Mystery of the Holy Communion Main Text: Mat 26:26-29 Gen 14:14-21 John 6:48-58; 2 Kings 4:38-41 The Lord’s supper is an institution by Christ to represent his flesh and blood by feasting on wine and bread. Before a promise can occur in our life we must start preparing now and God shall make […]

Allied Institute of Professional Health

Allied Institute of Professional Health Course Catalog for 2015 – 2015 Allied Institute of Professional Studies 4554 North Broadway Street, Suite: 340 Chicago, IL 60640 For Inquiry – Please Call: Elder Kwabena Adade 508-335-6885